Call to all microscopists: what laser power are you using?

Participate in the live-cell challenge and win a bottle of champagne!

To kick off the “CHALLENGE” we would like to show a time lapse movie of HUVEC cells stained for GFP-mitochondria and SiR-DNA. As this is a real CHALLENGE we want to set the standards high. The laser power was measured to be 0.3 microwatt for the red channel and 0.085 microwatt for the green. This is 85 NANO watts! Optical resolution in the image is 120nm.

We challenge the microscopy community to show movies with even lower laser power. Please try to beat our 300 & 85 NANO watts*. Please submit your entry to

*Measured at the sample plane after the objective with an out focus beam using a Thorlabs S170C powermeter

Calculated power density: 8 milli Joule/square centimeter: according to (P/A)*t. Where P=measured power after objective, A=scanned surface (FOV) converted to square centimeter and t is exposure time in seconds.

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